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Upcoming Events

Wandering Dreams Cel Slide

Wandering Dreams – Ink & Paint Cel

February 14 - March 15

Disneyland® Resort
Check out the latest Ink & Paint Cel now!
Eggstravaganza Eggs Slide

2016 Egg-stravaganza at the Disneyland Resort

March 2 - March 27

Disneyland® Resort
Eggstravaganza is back at the Disneyland® Resort March 2016!

WonderGround Gallery Artist Showcase with Brian Crosby, Jeremiah Ketner, Sho Murase and Gabby Zapata

March 5

Disneyland® Resort
Take part in the WonderGround Gallery Artist Showcase March 5!
Jeremiah Ketner Ivy Curls Slide

Artist Showcase with Jeremiah Ketner

March 5 - March 6

Disneyland® Resort
Meet Jeremiah Ketner March 5-6 at the Disneyland® Resort!
Drake Brodahl Pride and Joy Slide

Artist Showcase with Drake Brodahl

March 5 - March 6

Disneyland® Resort
Join Drake Brodahl for special appearances March 2016!
Precious Moments Easter Group Slide

Artist Showcase with Linda Rick

March 18 - March 27

Disneyland® Resort
New Precious Moments Dolls Spring collection!
Ann Shen California Love Slide

Artist Showcase with Ann Shen

April 2 - April 3

Disneyland® Resort
Meet Ann Shen at WonderGround Gallery throughout April 2016!