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Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival 2018

February 28 - May 28


Celebrate 25 years of the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival! Throughout World Showcase from February 28-May 28, you’ll find festival artists, experts and specialty shops that will help you bring the beauty and enchantment of the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival home with you. Dig up a charming array of whimsical apparel and headwear designed to capture the splendor of spring, garden tools and accessories, artwork, and magical Disney keepsakes to adorn your home and garden!

Be sure to visit Port of Entry at the entrance of World Showcase and find special treasures to help grow your collection.




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 Spike Logo

Disney’s favorite honey bee, Spike, has been pollinating his way around the festival, giving gardeners of any age the chance to follow his pollination trail around World Showcase at Epcot. It’s easy to start this new scavenger hunt. Just pick up a garden map and stickers at Port of Entry, Pin Central, or World Traveler. Then, it’s time to look for Spike!

As you explore the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, be on the lookout for Spike as he pollinates Epcot’s gardens. In each garden, you’ll have to search for the plant Spike has pollinated, identifiable by Spike himself and a Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration plant stake. Once you find him, add the corresponding sticker to your map. After your journey is complete, return your map for a springtime surprise.

Maps and stickers for Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration can be purchased for $5.99. Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration will run for the duration of the Flower & Garden Festival (February 28-May 28)


Egg-stravaganza Scavenger Hunt


From March 16 through April 1, guests visiting the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival can participate in our Egg-stravaganza scavenger hunt – hunting high and low in World Showcase for “eggs” that portray favorite Disney characters.

As you find the hidden Disney Character-themed “eggs” in the park, you record your discoveries by placing a corresponding sticker on a specially themed Egg-stravaganza map. Maps and stickers can be purchased for $5.99, plus tax at the following parks and locations:

•Port of Entry

•Pin Central

•World Traveler

When you find all of the “eggs” and complete your scavenger hunt map, you then return it to Port of Entry for a sp-egg-tacular surprise.


Festival Showcases


(Taking place throughout the festival)

Boiled Books 2 Web    Boiled Books 1 Web    Boiled Books 3 Web

Boiled Books & Pottery

February 28-May 28, Port of Entry Area

Original plant stained art paper for journal writing,
scrapbooking and collage work, stationary, and decor.

BoiLeD BooKs Process

1.  Fresh flowers, leaves, seeds, and other natural elements are pressed between pages of a handmade book.

2.  The books boil and simmer for a few hours.

3. Unique pages emerge stained and embossed with enchanting beauty.

Each piece is uniquely created by artist Rachelle Eason.


February 28-April 10,  Germany Area

Collectors Editions is an official licensee of The Walt Disney Company, and the exclusive global publisher of Disney Fine Art.  As a leader in the art publishing industry for over 20 years, we offer a very diverse portfolio of limited edition, hand-signed and numbered fine artwork by some of the world’s most popular artists.

Disney Fine Art is available around the world in art galleries throughout Europe, Japan and North America, as well as throughout Disney Theme Parks and Disney Cruise Liens.  Visit our location at the Flower & Garden Festival for a chance to meet some of our popular artists.

537O0260P At Home in the Garden 16x36

“At Home in the Garden” – Michelle St. Laurent


Elemental Nursery 1 Web Elemental Nursery 5 Web Elemental Nursery 4 Web

Elemental Nursery

March 6-May 28, Germany Area

Elemental Nursery is a family-owned business, established in 2002, and has grown steadily to what it is today.  We are a manufacturer of handmade, contemporary oriental style pottery. When we incorporate our plants with the pottery, we provide a unique highlight for home decor.  Along with our Bonsai, air plants, pottery, carnivorous plants and unique dish gardens, we travel the state of Florida attending plant and craft festivals exhibiting our designs.  We have expanded our product line to include glass terrariums, more than 50 blends of tea, and Koi fish. We are now known as Elemental Bonsai and Tea Garden. We look forward to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival every year.


EyeCatchers Mickey Denim WebEyeCatchers Lion Face WebEyeCatchers Multi Castle Web


February 28-May 21, Canada Area

Eycatchers are wind spinners made of 100% stainless steel.  Made for the outdoors, these attractive garden ornaments reflect light as they spin, creating a mesmerizing, magical effect you have to truly see to believe!



F&G-2011 (15769)

Fairy House Ladies

March 6-11 and May 6-19, Japan/Morocco Area

We are sisters and friends that have been feeding off of one another’s ideas and imagination, creating things together for many years.  Our current path began with making various props for gardens – wind chimes, stepping stones, scarecrows, bird baths, mosaic garden animals, topiaries covered in seeds and homes to attract fairies.  The fairies then asked for more, so we took a side path to create these fantasy homes and are now known as the Fairy House Ladies.

The creative process begins as other people’s cast-offs found at flea markets, garage sales, yard sales, our kitchen or garden shed.  These items could be a sifter, old toy, copper tea pot, colander, bird house, paint cans, clay pots, and on the list goes.

Nature then provides us with her cast-offs – sticks, bark, seed pods, leaves, moss, sand, dirt, shells, anything that is found on the ground – the fairies don’t want you to cut fresh stuff.

Then the fun begins, putting all these items together to create the homes.

While keeping the fairies in mind, we create items that are one of a kind.


Heather French Wine and Crystal WebHeather French Veggies and Wine WebHeather French In Wraps WebHeather French Tea Party Web

HAF2Paint - Heather French 

April 11-May 21, Germany Area

At Parsons School of Design in NYC and at Atlanta College of Art, Heather majored as a portrait painter. She switched interests to become a still life painter, while earning her Masters of Fine Arts from The University of Pennsylvania. What she loves about still life painting is creating a narrative through the use of objects.  Wine as the dominate subject matter, was inspired by a great friendship.  Dino, a sommelier, who is now her husband, gave her some wine bottles to paint and that was all it took.  Mixing food, flowers and other objects expands the theme.

These objects and what they can represent keeps her enthralled as this subject matter is worldwide and timeless.  She started adding animals into her paintings around 2007. This let her go back to her portrait painting roots as she tries to capture the personality within a 2D image.

She has been very fortunate to showcase her artwork in many venues: wineries, restaurants, corporations, executive offices and in the homes of the most fabulous people she has had the pleasure to meet.

As always, she looks forward to more great things to come.


Jortra Boutique Cantaloupe WebJortra Boutique Oranges WebJortra Boutique Coffee Web


February 28-May 28, Port of Entry Area

All of our jewelry collections are handmade using items from nature such as: orange peels, cantaloupe seeds, coffee beans, bamboo, flower petals and more! Our pieces are extremely lightweight since we crochet with thread and do not use any metal whatsoever. We look forward to sharing our unique nature jewelry collections with you.


Just Plumerias Celadine WebJust Plumerias Lani Beauty WebJust Plumerias Wailea Web

Just Plumerias

March 6-May 28, Canada Area

The Plumeria is one of the most perfect plants in the world because it looks fantastic and blooms from April through November.  The flower does not last that long, but the bloom pod continuously keeps blooming for most of the year.  The Plumeria smells like no other plant in the world and each color has its own unique fragrance.  Some Plumerias smell sweet, while another color can smell like jasmine, peaches, or citrus.  The Plumeria can be grown anywhere in the world: as a 20 foot tree or a fantastic potted plant for your patio deck, balcony or driveway.  The Plumeria is one of the most low maintenance plants in the world.  It is drought tolerant and can be grown in full sun or partial sun.


Live Trends

March 12-May 5, Japan/Morocco Area

Modern Tribe

Featuring unique giftable living plants that blend natural beauty and fashionable design!


Noah's Ark Hanging Monkey Web Noah's Ark Standing Mouse Web Noah's Ark Small Elephant Web

Noah’s Ark

February 28-May 28, Port of Entry Area

Noah’s Ark Topiary has been creating handmade topiaries for over 30 years.  They have a full line of designs, and varying sizes.  At Noah’s Ark Topiary, products are completely hand made in the USA.  They are constructed with sturdy galvanized steel wire, assembled with an electric spot welder and then stuffed and shaped.  Noah’s Ark Topiaries make wonderful, lasting gifts and are great conversation pieces when placed around the home.

Stop by on the following dates from 11am-2pm to learn how our topiaries are made!

  • Friday, March 2
  • Saturday, March 10
  • Friday, March 23
  • Saturday, April 14
  • Friday, April 20
  • Friday, May 4


Spring 2018 Princesses

Precious Moments Dolls

February 28-May 21, American Adventure Area

Special Appearances by Linda Rick:

March 1-4, 2018
March 23-25, 2018
April 6-8, 2018
May 4-6, 2018

Showcasing fan favorite dolls from the collection.


Rachel Tribble

May 20-28, Japan/Morocco Area

Rachel Tribble’s award-winning artwork has captured a worldwide audience from corporations to private collectors.  Her dream-like paintings have been regarded as “heart felt” and “esoteric” and are recognized for their meditative quality as emotional experiments in color and light.

She has been featured in art books and national magazines, and her work has been gifted to nominees of the Academy Awards, the Emmy Awards, and the MTV Movie Awards.  In 2008 her work for the Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival poster won the IFEA Gold Pinnacle Award for the Walt Disney Company.  In 2009 she was awarded the Atlanta Design Center’s Visual Display Award.

She continues to dedicate her work to peacefulness in the world and celebration of the Earth, Sky, and the multi-dimensional universes.


Rinse Roll On WebRinse Lavender Collection WebRinse Shower Bomb Web

Rinse Bath & Body Co.

February 28-May 28, Outpost

Featuring handmade soaps and body products.


Swaying in the Breeze Hydrangeas WebSwaying in the Breeze Afternoon Nap WebSwaying in the Breeze Laid Back Web

Swaying in the Breeze

March 6-May 28, Germany Area

A Decorative Flag Company

We have house and garden flags. Our double-sided embroidered applique flags are of the best quality and our best sellers. Our printed rendition flags are copies of beautiful paintings. In addition to our flags, we also have magnetic mail box covers. These are great ways to decorate your home with a splendor of spring.



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