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Artist Showcase with Noah

May 18

WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District

Artist Noah will be on hand May 18 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District, for a special “Crush” event.  Inspiration for these pieces was drawn from the beautiful love stories of some of Disney’s most beloved couples. Bring your princess or prince charming, and come immerse yourself in the world of romance as Noah captures these great love stories through his paintings.

Want to bring a piece of the romance home with you?

Originals, giclees, deluxe prints will be available for purchase. Prices vary.

Dimensions and Style



24×36 Acrylic on Linen

Ariel and Eric


24×36 Acrylic on Linen

Cinderella and Prince Charming


24×36 Acrylic on Linen

Belle and Beast


24×36 Acrylic on Linen

Snow White and Prince




I love old movies and wanted each piece to be painted in muted and less saturated colors to have a timeless, renaissance feel. My signature border work adds elegance and a touch of royalty. Every princess deserves it!- Noah

“Kiss the Girl”

I loved the idea of having Ariel finally being a part of Eric’s world. I wanted to have the two of them together celebrating the reality of her dream coming true. If you look closely you’ll see flounder as a silhouette and a sting ray within the underwater world in the background. I also have a ship in the upper left as well as an anchor and a fork to give tribute to the film.

“So This is Love”

Watching Cinderella I am always blown away by the tension of her being suppressed by her family and living conditions. It’s an amazing story of triumph as Cinderella’s dream comes true through the glass slipper. Her longing to be with her prince and a chance to go to the ball is beautifully showcased in the majestic castle. I always would think, “Man I hope she doesn’t trip coming down all those stairs!”  The union of her and the prince is incredibly beautiful and I wanted to capture this story through paint. The background has the glass slipper on the upper right, the castle image in the background and then bathed in moonlight from the large moon upper right. The swirls and details were inspired by the wheels and design of the carriage.


“She Never Looked at Me That Way Before”

Beauty and The Beast is an incredible story of true love. I found this story especially moving because of Belle seeing the beauty within rather than external. I loved the lyric that inspired the title for the piece and worked to focus their eyes  and expression to be one of joy but also of love. It’s definitely a celebration piece as the beast is “seen’ for who he truly is and loved for it. There are hidden elements that are tributes to the film: a clock, candles and roses.


“When Dreams Come True”

I researched the music for Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and love her passion for believing that one day her dream will come true. I wanted this piece to be a different pose than usual. I studied the film and characters and found a pose that really was something special and not the typical Snow White Princess scene. It felt like an old romantic black and white classic film and wanted her and the prince to be all aglow in their love with her being brought back to life by her true love’s kiss.


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