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Artist Showcase with cinda b

October 19 - October 20

Heritage Manor, American Adventure Pavilion, Epcot®

Find the latest handbags and totes, all made in the U.S.A.  Designer cinda b will be on hand for a special appearance and signing from 2 – 4p.m., each day at Heritage Manor in the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot®.



~ Jet Set ~


Essentials_Tote_JetSetBlackXLarge_Cos_JetSet  MiniHobo_JetSetBlack

Happy_Stack_Jet_Set ID+Key_JetSetBlack  Cont_JetSetUptownWristlet_JetSetBlack



~ Mod Tortoise ~


  MiniHobo_ModTortoise ID+Key_ModTortoise

Happy_Stack_Mod Essentials_Tote_ModTortoiseUptownWristlet_ModTortoise

Cont_ModTort X_LargeCos_ModTort


~ Verde Bonita~

 SuperToteII_VerdeBonita MiniHobo_VerdeBonita ID+Key_VerdeBonita

XLarge_Cos_VerdeBonita UptownWristlet_VerdeBonita




~  Amore ~


 SuperToteII_Amore Mini_Hobo_Amore Essentials_Tote_Amore

Cont_Zip_AmoreID+Key_Amore  Happy_Stack_Amore


About cinda b



How we came to “b”
With a passion for color and design, Cinda Boomershine started her Atlanta-based interior design firm in 2002. After earning industry recognition for her fresh and functional approach, Cinda joined the cast of TBS’s Movie and a Makeover as the on-air design expert for 8 years. Running from client to client, and all places in-between, Cinda found herself searching for that perfect, everyday bag that was just as stylish and fun as it was versatile and functional. In 2004, she launched the cinda b brand.

Made in the USA
For Cinda, it was as important to produce American handbags as it was to create American jobs. Teaming up with one of the most experienced, well-known handbag sewing companies in the country, each and every cinda b product is proudly made in Fort Wayne, Indiana. One of the fastest-growing handbag, travel bag and accessory companies, cinda b combines bold unique modern prints with casual chic functionality. All products are made from the latest poly/nylon fabrics, making them durable, water-resistant and machine washable.

Casual Chic

Cinda finds inspiration for her designs and patterns in all facets of her life, from her frequent travels to classic artists and modern fashion trends. The silhouettes for her handbags and accessories are born from her own on-the-go lifestyle. Always looking forward to next season, Cinda’s search for inspiration is unending, and her unique styles, fashionable patterns and fun colorways give fresh meaning to “casual chic”.

For more information on cinda b, click here.

Limit TWO (2) items signed per Guest.  We ask that you bring no personal items to be signedAppearances are subject to time and availability and are not guaranteed. Restrictions apply. Event and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, release dates, appearances and retails. A valid Walt Disney World® Resort receipt may be required.


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